1) Open MemKpr.com
Click on Signup (top center)

2) Register for your New Account (Enter your first name, last name, email address, Family name, your gender, user name and password). Please make sure to save your Username and Password in a safe place. Click on MemKpr Terms and Agreement and then click the green Register bar to complete.

MemKpr will send you a welcome email.  Give it a few minutes and check your incoming email.  If you don't receive your welcome email within 10 minutes please check your Junk email if using Microsoft or your Spam box if using Gmail. When you find it drag it into your Inbox.

You will also receive a Welcome email from CloudMe.com  They are offering you 3 GB's of FREE storage for your pictures and slides.  You are under no obligation to use their services and if you already have DropBox, Google or another cloud service you can setup your family folders with them.

When you open your Welcome email click on the click here to activation link.

3) Return to MemKpr.com and click on Login at the top of the page.  You will now login with your Username and Password.

MemKpr will now open your entry page. Select Add Family Member.

NOTE;  MemKpr was created to help you save the memories collected during your life and the lives that touched you from your grandparents to your grandchildren.  MemKpr was not designed as a genealogy platform.  It is possible to add earlier generations if you want but our focus is on the family you grew up with and those you remember the best.

To help you get started, we need to know what kind of Family Tree you want to build. The tree you saw pictured on the front page of MemKpr is the Zukowski Family Tree.  As the creator of that tree I'm in the middle, with my grandparents at the top and my grandchildren at the bottom.
Each one of us was born with the same last name.  My grandmother at the top was the only one born with a different last name.

4) We recommend you start by printing out the Family Member Worksheet This printout will help you collect the names and birth and death dates in one place before you start adding family members into MemKpr.

If you are a male, start by adding your information and then add your parents. Your mom will use her maiden name.  If you are married and have not been *divorced add your wife's First Name, Middle and Maiden. Don't add your last name to hers.  Click the green Add Member bar to save.  To continue, click on My Dashboard and select Edit on your Father to finish all his birth family information plus his wife (your mom) with her first, middle and maiden name.  If you have siblings you will need to add them by clicking on Add Child in your fathers input space. When you finish with your father and saved his information, click on My Dashboard and select Edit on your grandfather and add his children, but not your dad, he is already listed.  Finish by selecting Family Tree and see if everyone listed has the same last name.

If you are female MemKpr has a few additional options for you to choose from; A, B or C.
A) do you want to share the memories of your birth family?  B) are you a grandmother and want to share the Family Tree you and your husband built together?  Or  C) are you a brand new bride?  The choice is yours.

If you choose (A) you are building your Birth Family Tree (follow the exact steps as for the male above)
If you selected (B) you start at the top of the Family Tree and add your children and their children below you.
If you are a new bride (C) you and your new husband have just planted your brand new MemKpr tree. You are now ready to start collecting all the great memories of your new life together.  You are the first generation to be prepared to save your pictures and video directly into the clouds and your story into MemKpr.


 More detail step by step information to help.

5) When you have finished your worksheet click on Add Family Member and start with yourself.  First Name along with middle initial plus (.) or your full middle name.

On the next line add your Last Name. Gender. Date of birth date month/day/year (06/15/1939Your not dead so this would be for other family members later. Death date.  Status: Living or Deceased. Background color (grey for deceased)

Continue: Phone Message phone # (Do not add a number at this time ). Profile Privacy choice.  Mother: with her maiden name (not her married name) and your Father.  Your Wife, if you are married.  Husband, leave blank (unless you are a women building this family tree) . Choose (your photo) Photo (The photo file you select should be from your Cloud Storage and all Family Tree photo's must be 300 x 360 pixels for perfect alignment.  Next, if you have children you need to add them right after you click the green bar (Add Member) at bottom of the page and then select My Dashboard at the top the screen.

Now you need to select your listing in My Dashboard and click on Edit.  In the second line from the top of this page you will see Edit Family Member, to the right you will be able to click on: Add Child.  Add their First name, Last name, Gender and then Date of Birth.  Click on Add Child.  If you have additional children repeat these steps until you have added all your children.

How to resize your pictures?

We recommend Jing by TechSmith.com Get your Free account here. With Jing installed on your computer you will be able to select any picture you see on your computer screen and resize or zoom into any part of it and capture a single person or face.  You will also be able to place lettering on top of your pictures to help identify your relatives.  Jing is a wonderful tool and will help you in many ways.  Please make sure to watch their great training videos by clicking on: Step-by-sep Tutorials. MemKpr does not use all of the available tools in Jing.

6) Select: My Dashboard if it is not already open.  You should now see a number of boxes with question marks waiting for pictures.  Each person you select will need to have you finish their personal information, just like you did for yourself.  Each one will also need a 300wide X 360high pixel picture.


More than likely you don't have any pictures resized yet from your family collection.  Here are two "male/female" images to practice with.

Once you have installed Jing you can resize these pictures above to 300x360 and then install them for you family members until you have uploaded the real family pictures.

7) At the top of your MemKpr work page click on Family Tree.  Click the QR code to open. Only those with your same last name should be in the Family Tree.

8) Now open My Dashboard again and continue editing each of your family members with their details: Date of Birth, Death, Status, Background Color, Phone Message, Privacy, Mother, Father, Wife or Husband and save by clicking on Edit ______ Profile.

9) You can also edit any of your children and fill in their details.  If you have children from more than one marriage you will be able to list their birth mothers name and info.

10) Click on My Dashboard again and you will see the new husbands and wives you have added.  They will not be added into your family tree.  Only those born with the same last name as your father are in the family tree.

11) In My Dashboard click on your fathers name above the question mark (where his 300x360 picture will be posted) and see if all his family connections are listed (in orange).  Above his picture should be his Wife.  Above her should be his mother on the left and his father on the right.  Below his picture is his birth and death dates.  Below and on the left side of his picture are his Memories.  On the right side are his Siblings.  Below and in the center are his children.  You should see your name listed there.

12) Memories are added into your Bio page by clicking on My Dashboard and then clicking on Edit below the picture of the person you want to add. 

When the Edit Family Member window opens select, Add Your Memories

Edit Family Members Legacy Page (opened below) You can select up to 7 pictures (from your saved picture folder, located on your computer or in your Cloud folder) for your revolving slide show.  This could be a selection of pictures from your family members entire life (only 5 pictures are shown below)  Please make sure your slide show pictures are no wider than 600 pixels and 450 pixels tall.

Above, in the center is the Personal Biography window. 

Note: It is most important that you first create your written story on your computer, in a Word document program, before you copy and paste it into the Personal Biography.  You can make corrections and changes much easier.  Also you will always have a back up copy of your written work incase of an accidental delete while working on it.

You can always add still pictures and documents into any part of the written biography once you have pasted it into the Personal Biography window. You can always find pictures on the Internet as a helper to tell your story.  Also, you can use your new Jing program to capture anything you see on your computer screen, including video and audio clips.

13) Adding more than a single picture into your slide show window will give you more pictures to tell your story.  When you visit my story take a look at my Slide Show widow and you'll see that I used as many as four single pictures to make one slide                                  

The basic tools in the Personal Biography window are explained below:

Anything you type into the Biography can be controlled just like any Word document.

To be on the safe side, we recommend you first create your biography story in your Word document software, save it, and then copy and paste it into the Personal Biography.

B = To add Bold type.
I = Italic
U= Underline
The next 6 items you will not use if you pasted a copy into the biography.
Font Size = Test and see
Font Family = Test and see
Font Format = Test and see
Before you start, I would like you to visit my Biography to see how I told my story  Currently, I will be 79 in 2018 and have lots of stories to tell.  As you scroll down through my story you will notice that I have added pictures of my life.  Starting with my Jr. High picture, you will see nine (9) additional pictures, each opening a new chapter in my life.  Click on the date below each picture to open that chapter and see how you can create more room to tell any family members story.

14) How to create Story Chapters?

While you are still signed into MemKpr, up at the top of the page, click on Add Family Member.  In the First Name box create your chapter name... if you need additional space continue in the Last Name box. Do Not Use your family last name in this box or it will end up in the Family Tree. That's not where you want it.

You can also share the approximate year(s) when this chapter happened by using the Date of Birth and Date of Death boxes.  

In telling my story I used (9) chapters to share what has happened in my life.  If you have not yet visited my story yet, please take a few minutes and see what I did so you can get a clear picture of how to complete Bio's for your family.

15) How to add old movies and video into your MemKpr account?

YouTube has provide us one of the best ways to share our old movie memories.  If you visited my story, you'll notice I have 4 videos uploaded.

Once you have had all your old movies transferred into digital and have them safely backed up on Hard Drives it's time to select your best videos and upload them to your YouTube account.   How do I do that?  Please watch the video below.

Click to open video: How To Properly Upload Videos To YouTube - YouTube

After your video's are uploaded, you are now ready to add them into your Biography stories.

16) How do I connect my YouTube account with my MemKpr account?

Sign into your MemKpr.com account and open My Dashboard.  Click on the family member you want to add the video into and then click on their Memories below their picture. Below the Slide Show window on the left side click on Add Audio/Video

A new widow will open up, saying Audio Source Code with a box.  Pull the right corner of the box down to open the it wider.  You will be dropping the embed code into that box.

Since you have already learned how to upload your videos into YouTube, let's now learn to get them to play inside your Bio.

Step #1 Open your YouTube account and select the video you want to use.


Step #2  Click on EMBED


Step #3 Copy the Embed Video source code and paste it into your MemKpr Source box.

Step #4 After you paste the Embed Video code into MemKpr you will need to change the size of the video player.  Please change 560 into 420 and 315 into 236. Now click on Submit and your video will show up under the Slide Show window.

You will also see a DELETE button under the video, if you want to remove the video in the edit mode.

You have now learned all the basic steps to build your own Family Tree.

If you have any questions with any of the above steps, please email help@memkpr.com

May all your memories be saved and remembered forever.


Additional features you can use to enhance your family story telling on MemKpr.

+1) What is a Short Code? sep.me/1yy Using just 10 characters you can direct any viewer to any location on the Internet, including any page you have created within your MemKpr account.

You can set up a FREE Short Code account HERE. Once you have a Sep.Me account setup you will be ready to expand your story telling to include many additional chapters of a life well lived.  Visit sep.me/1yx to view 60+ years in Ray's life.  As you scroll down you will see dates under many of the pictures.  The dates you see hide the short code that let's you click to open additional chapters in that life.

Step +2) In your open (signed in) MemKpr account click on My Dashboard and then click on Add Family Member. You now will be able to create a new family member, but this new member is only an extension of your story. Not another person.  In the First Name box enter something like 1951-1953 Junior High School years.   Next, in the Last Name box, leave it blank along with all the other boxes.  Only use the Choose Photo box and add a 300 x 360 pixel picture from your photo file.  Click on the Edit ____Profile (blue bar to save).

You have now created an additional chapter to help tell your story.  This chapter will NOT show up in your Family Tree and is hidden to everyone.  To open it in your story like I did with: 1951-1953 Junior High School years you need to create a short code as explained  above in +1)

Steps to finish your new chapter short code.  As soon as you have your sep.me account working, it's time to create your first short code.








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