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Memory-Keepers is a network of individuals who enjoy collecting and saving their family memories. They also share their experiences, giving suggestions on how to find free tips and tools on the Internet to help build your family tree. is a wonderful place to safe-keep your family memories and easily share them. 

You can dig deeper later into your ancestry and history of folks you did not know all the way to Adam, but NOW is the right time …when YOU get to tell your story before others do or they toss all the boxes you have stored and moved around for a lifetime. Worry about what you have that could get lost.  Just think of the last year and all the tragic losses.  That could be you this year.  So get going!


You can now share with family all around the world, just give the password or make your MemKpr site public and share the joy and memories with them.  Now is the time to sort out the photos you do not want our family to see.  Better now than a surprise after your gone and can’t explain!   Get rid of them…anything that is not for tender wide eyes.


Do it NOW before what you want to save are lost or they move on to someone else who does not treasure them as you do or even know or care about who the people are that filled your life.  Photos of family you have not met, or are gone in Europe are hard to know who’s who…if you have had the experience of many old people who tear old albums apart for some reason.  It is very typical.   


This is the most Important project you have even done, if you or someone in your family is already a memory keeper.  Because you care.  What a gift to give to those who do care! 


Think of it …You or your older family may be the last generation who was told who they are and their stories or knows who to contact to get information. Knowledge only you NOW know that you want to go ON!. 


What about the fact the dementia is on the rise, and striking younger….accidents happen that will not give you or you parents the ability or strength to do this or remember.   Some say it is not on their bucket list.  This is for folk who have saved it all or some is still left or your want to start now with your new family if you just got married or had a baby..


There are some simple incredible videos to take that you will treasure.  Like of every home do a walk through when it is all ready for company, in the summer or Christmas.  Do it every couple years to see how the trees have grown, or every year do the garden or a new décor project.  It is so fun to see things you use to have.  It always looks so good in video too. .


The value of Memory Keepers is priceless compared to the huge expense of making scrapbooks that can burn, or websites that shut down, or computers that crash. Around your home you probably have your memories stored in scrapbooks, picture frames, bookcases, drawers, attics and other storage spaces?  And what about the pictures and scrapbooks left from your parents and grandparents? More boxes!!


Smartphone’s are so helpful now with Google+ doing all the work for you before you forget and family can add to their pages anytime. Taking pictures of things, projects, old photos stuck in frames or collages.  Take a snap of your refrigerator if you keep you kids drawings there etc.  Take a snap of favorite items, shoes, clothing your love but never wear and get rid of it. website will help you build your Family Tree, with step by step videos, person by person just like the family tree you see on the Home page.  Just click on the link at the bottom of this page for step by step instructions.


The most fun will be learning new things from each other and growing with technology.  There is even a super trade show every February in Salt Lake City, called RootsTech you can learn even more!  Learn where to get old photos restored and VHS or other film transferred.




Visit Ray's MemKpr site to see how he told His Story  also his mom and wife's mom


We have so much to learn but this is a good place to start.  Big things start in small steps.  START by PRINTING the family member work sheet  HERE
You will need one sheet for each person in your family tree.


Sorting while watching TV tonight, collecting and organizing the pictures, audio and movies/video into individual boxes or envelopes and then in age groups 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 etc.  Once you do that for your family you will be ready to start digitizing your collection.


Most communities have a number of do-it-yourself free copy centers, such as Libraries, Senior Centers, Church groups or help start one in your own area..


Print out the template to put your family name, dates of birth and death,  what photo you want to use for them in the tree.  Step by step video Instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Once you have clicked on a Family Tree member and on their Memories you will start to see how you will be able to take each member of your family and add their stories or invite them to write their own.  The slide show at the top left corner of their memory page will give you a place for seven (7) pictures. 


Below that you will be able to add audio or video clips from old movies, etc.  Each person in the Family Tree has unlimited pages to help tell their story or can be used as a daily or weekly diary.  Unlike a printed book, your family story will continue growing with each and every entry.



A yearly membership fee of $25 includes a guarantee that your family tree will continue to live-on and be transferable to someone in your family after your lifetime.  We charge only $3 per month paid yearly in advance to keep your MemKpr account active on the Internet.

Do it now to insure your most important memories never get lost or damaged. Tell your story the way you know it, before someone else does. Like at your funeral service!  Get your family involved.  This is going to be a gift they will treasure for generations to come!  If you don’t do it, who will?      


Now it’s your turn to add ideas etc.  Let’s make the best web-site ever for generations to come!


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Your families collection of memories are truly priceless.  Don't wait protecting them any longer.
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